Investing in Memories

Memories are a lifetime investment, capture a moment of your life and cherish it forever. These are much more than pictures, they are a reminder of who you were, who they were, and a reminder of that precious moment in time. Our world is in constant motion and it feels as if it never slows down, a lot of time and consideration goes into every single one of my sessions, because I want you to be able to have that moment when the world stops as you look at this beautiful captured moment.

I am a very natural photographer, using a lot of natural elements, lighting, and minimal editing to preserve the authenticity of every photograph. I have done workshops with well known photographers around the world.  Some of them to include that I have learned from via either internet, videos, in-person trainings or retreats to include; Nicole Everson, Bethney Backhaus, Twig & Olive, Dewdrops, Kansas Pitts, Eden Bao, The Milky Way, Meg Bitton, Tiffany Burke, Erin Dorsey, Jessica Weinstock, Brittney Smith and the list goes on.

These just aren’t photos, they are an investment into a secret world that you will be able to hold and remember- that moment you met the love of your life, got married, the nine months of pregnancy, and every little step afterwards… these are small captures of your life to cherish always and forever.

The perfect photo goes well beyond the lens, professional photo editing is crucial to capture the perfect moment. The world may give us grey sky’s, rain, or poor lighting but you can create a breathtaking photograph with the perfect shot and professional editing.

My studio uses the latest technology, both hardware and software, to create the best images to deliver the moment exactly as you imagined. In addition; I constantly educate myself with the latest trends in photography, design, and editing to ensure you are receiving the latest and most professional experience.

Professional Editing

Before After

My Studio

This is where a lot of fun happens, the magic and art of my passion are hidden in this cozy nook I call my studio. I absolutely love creating new scenes, wrapping babies, and getting the perfect shot to create the most gorgeous photos for you to enjoy.


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