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Meet Shannon

Let me just start by answering the one question everyone asks me, how long have you been doing photography? Well about 12 years. It all started when I had family and friends asking me to take photos of them and then I started getting asked to take Senior Pictures. The next thing you know I was getting so busy that it was impossible to run an in home daycare and do photography. So one day chatting with my amazing husband he says, “why don’t you just close the daycare and follow your passion? If it takes off great, but if not then go back to doing daycare.” Well, you didn’t have to tell me twice! Wah-lah look where I am still to this day! I have grown from my living room to building an indoor studio in our  barn and honestly on the verge of out growing that space too.

Following this passion and dream of being a photographer has been amazing and so self-rewarding. I have met some of the greatest people ever and in fact some clients have even become our best friends. I have had the privilege of traveling for destination weddings and seeing more parts of the U.S. !! When I am not photographing or editing away like crazy I am a wife and mom of two handsome young men. My family means the world to me. Their smiles brighten my day and even the cranky moods can brighten my day because no one can keep a serious face in our household. Living with men most of my life all I need to say is toot, fart, poop even into the adult years and they still laugh. Sorry ladies but it’s so true to those of you who have little baby boys. You will soon know what I am talking about.

We also love family time camping and going on vacations together. Of course that is when we are not spending lots of summer time with baseball. Other than that my only real hobby is knitting and crafting.  I am not quite sure where I got my artistic side from but looking back at life I think I have always been into any kind of creative work. Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little bit about me and hopefully if I haven’t already, I would love to capture your memories. Click on link below to read a published article for more on my story.

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